Building Campaign

Dear Friends and Family,

With great anticipation, we consider what the purchase of a permanent facility means for our church family.

The Bible tells us that there are no sacred buildings, but that God dwells in us by virtue of our union with Christ. Our primary focus is, and always will be, building up the body of Christ.

While we will remember our time at Garfield Middle School with fondness, we believe that the future home of Parkside Church Westside at the corner of Woodward and Hilliard will allow us to expand our gospel ministry.

We trust that a building of our own will provide new opportunities for us to worship together and will help us to grow in fellowship and unity. We will strengthen our efforts to train and disciple one another so that we may be more equipped to go out into our community and beyond as ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

As we take this exciting next step toward a permanent home for our church family, we ask that you prayerfully consider how God may be calling you to support the vision and ministry of our growing congregation. Further down on this page is some additional information that we hope will be helpful to you and your family in making a decision about how you would like to support this effort.

Together in Christ, 
Your Elder Team:
Jon Hockenberger
Don MacDonald
Matt McAlvey
Jeff Port
Nate Vogel

Watch or Listen to the Sermon from Sept. 8

financial framework

The total cost of this project is about $2.5 million which will cover the cost of purchasing the building and its corresponding renovations. The financial framework will be as follows:

We will use $500,000 from the savings that we have accumulated over the past four years.

We will receive $500,000 in the form of a generous gift from Parkside Church in Bainbridge.

We aim to raise $500,000 from our members and regular attenders over the course of the next three years.

We will borrow the remaining funds needed in partnership with Parkside Church in Bainbridge paying back the loan from our operating budget over the next 10 years.

Please Pledge Your Support by Oct. 31, 2019

the building will be used to...

It is often said of churches that “people walk by and then walk in.” Our desire from the start has been to remain in Lakewood to serve this community. We rejoice that we will be able to nurture and develop these permanent roots.

Churches are special places where people make lasting friendships, get married and baptized, and mourn together when loved ones pass away. They are places where important sermons are heard that may change peoples’ lives forever. We look forward to marking all of these significant moments together.

No more set up and tear down. Need we say more? We look forward to the ability to worship together and to teach our children within the stability and security that owning a building provides.

We will now have dedicated spaces to use for student and adult gatherings. Our primary focus will be to equip one another for works of ministry.

Our staff will vacate our rented office space and relocate to our new home base. Additional spaces will be used for fellowship and discipling opportunities.

Watch a Quick Tour of the Building

your participation matters

Whether you contribute $1 or $1 million, your participation at any level is needed and deeply appreciated.

This chart is provided as a guide with example amounts to help you and your family in making a decision about how you would like to support this effort:


$5 $20 $240 $720
10 40 480 1,440
25 100 1,200 3,600
50 200 2,400 7,200
100 400 4,800 14,400
150 600 7,200 21,600
200 800 9,600 28,800
250 1,000 12,000 36,000
500 2,000 24,000 72,000

If you would like to speak with someone about donating assets other cash, please contact the church office at .

Please Pledge Your Support by Oct. 31, 2019


What is the difference between a pledge and a gift?
A pledge is the promise of a financial gift and the gift is the actual act of giving money. 

I do not see my pledge is not showing up in CCB. 
Please allow a week for your pledge information to be entered into the system. If you still do not see it listed under your Pledge tab after that time, please contact the church office at  .

How do I access my pledge information?
Login to CCB. Go “Give” and click on “Pledges.” Your Building Campaign pledge will appear here.

How do I set up the payment for my pledge?
Setting up your pledge payment is similar to setting up giving online. Login to CCB. Go to the “Give” tab and choose either a one-time or repeating gift. Under "Gift Amount," choose the “Building Campaign 2019-2022” designation. If you choose to set up a repeating gift, you will set the amount, frequency, and duration here.

Am I able to make changes to my automatic payment?
Yes! To change your giving amount, please cancel your existing gift and create a new gift. You may cancel any repeating gifts in the “Give” tab and then under the “Schedules/History” section. Here, you will be able to view and cancel any repeating gifts. Return to the “Give” tab to set up your new gift.

Am I able to make a one-time gift?
Absolutely! You will follow the same instructions as presented above, but you will instead check the box labeled "one-time gift" to designate your gift as such.

Can the church office set up my online giving for me?
No. We will enter in your pledge, but then you must set up your own gift because it requires your credit card or bank account information.

Why do I need to fill out the pledge card if I can set up giving without doing so?
Completing a pledge card allows us to gauge how we are moving towards our goal, which will help our elder team to steward the church's finances. Additionally, by setting up your pledge, you can track your individual giving progress and will be able to download your an end-of year pledge statement.

I would prefer to not give online. Can I give cash or check on a Sunday to go toward the building fund?
Absolutely! Please place cash in an envelope labeled “Building Campaign.” For checks, include “Building Campaign” in the memo line.